How can I pay?

Payments can be made before the trip directly on IBAN bank No.

IT19T 0316 9016 00CC 0010 3259 57 alternatively in cash or cards / ATM driver.

If I have extra baggage?

Contact us and provide us with data on the volume of your luggage will find the best solutions addoperandoci to use any trucks for hire

How many people can travel?

We have half 14 places suitable for small movements with hand luggage or according to your needs modulate the seats in order to carry your bags for greater volume.

If we are more than 14 people?

We work with several companies to hire and we provide you with the means of support for groups over 14 people.

…and if you are just?

Our prices are one way, the 1 a 14 the price does not change!

..ho is an animal?

Your friends can travel with us! In suitable carrier.